The Chandelier Room in the W Hotel in Hoboken has ridiculous views of the NYC skyline. It’s also blessed with a huge, expansive terrace and classic proportions, so in our design treatment of the space, we worked to artfully conceal and reveal the views, making them a part of the space: sometimes framed as art on a wall, sometimes woven in as captured light. The colors and textures of the space are rich and warm and the seats are deep and plush. And taking center stage of the room is, of course, a chandelier to end all chandeliers – a glossy glamorous fixture, oversized and scaled to fantastic proportions, like something from a fantasy doll house. If the Chandelier Room does what it’s supposed to do, it makes the bridge and tunnelers want to stay in New Jersey for the night.


+ Nightclub & Bar – Hotel Bar of the Year Finalist 2011


Art & Graphics