DCA Airport Terminal A


Centrally located between the gates in Terminal A at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, this new airport dining venue is a unique experience in high-tech hospitality service. The eatery highlights the building’s original architecture, a classic example of a mid-century futuristic design approach popular at the time of construction.


The 100-seat restaurant, acts as the terminal’s central focal point where architectural details are designed with a modern twist that honors the building and history of the storied airport. The main feature is the restaurant’s 42-seat bar, which mimics a large, flowering structure that sprouts from the center of the circular gate hold, its petals aligning with ribs in the ceiling and highlighting them. Each of the ten petals contains six custom LED fixtures, mounted out of sight. The LED strips consist of four individually controlled channels, ranging from a cooler colored white light to amber. This range allows for specific lighting adjustments and precision to create a lightshow that is programmed to balance natural light that shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the terminal by day, and creates a warm and inviting environment at night. Additional seating surrounds the main bar with custom-designed, mid-century modern inspired furniture paired with white Corian, teak wood and stainless steel elements.


With a menu by Top Chef Carla Hall, the restaurant features over 75 iPads seamlessly integrated into the dining experience, allowing guests to order directly from tablets while simultaneously providing real-time flight notifications, an intuitive visual menu, complimentary web access and more. This technology helps ease travelers’ anxiety, allowing for more worry-free time to shop, eat and enjoy the terminal. With its tech-savvy features and striking architecture, this terminal reflects a growing movement in the airport industry to consciously elevate the traveler experience while bringing a bold and modern update to an iconic space.




- Association for Retail Envrionments: Lighting Award for Page Restaurant Flowering Light Sculpture
- IES Illumination Awards, Award of Excellence
- Lumen Awards, Citation for Elegant and Restrained Restoration