For the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) annual “Dining by Designing” event, we partnered with Design Within Reach to create an installation that blurred the line between the indoors and outdoors. Guests are invited to an imagined poolside, somewhere in a Californian desert, as late afternoon turns to early evening. The floating planes, bold colors, and striking “shadows” evoke Palm Springs’ utopian modernism and transports diners to a breezy retreat inspired by sophisticated glamour. The dress code here is barely more than a suntan, and (as in Slim Aarons’ day) even the gruffest of men wear pink. Modernist heavyweights like Arne Jacobsen and Eva Zeisel sit easily alongside newer names like Jaime Hayon and Dusen Dusen, and diners abandon their everyday persona at the door(bell) and suspend their version of reality as they join the party. The grass is impossibly lush, the floating bar is stocked with ice, and Ken and Barbie (and Ken) are still splashing in the pool. The future is bright: have a drink, snap a Polaroid selfie, and recharge your device.  Enjoy a celebratory meal in an informal setting as you gaze off into the infinite distance, and remember – save some room for Jello.




Installation Design