Bringing together food tech innovators, start-ups and thought leaders, Food Loves Tech challenged us to create a first-of-its-kind, interactive experience that is both hands-on and memorable in its approach, while malleable in its ability to evolve each year.

Aiming to bring awareness to the latest technologies shaping food, we curated a multiplicity of experiences to enable visitors to customize their journey. Upon arrival, visitors embark on an adventure through four unique intersections of food and technology: in the field, in the home, in the city and on the horizon. Embracing the linearity of this year’s 22,000-square-foot event space at The Waterfront NYC, the layout seamlessly transitions visitors between each space, inspiring both movement and discovery.

To create a dynamic and layered experience, we mixed immersive educational exhibits with tasting outposts, temporary and spontaneous installations, and a vibrant market-like bazaar. Social spaces are embedded strategically within the exhibit spaces, providing a more immediate connection to content, vendors and products. The strategy is experimental in its ability to inspire curiosity, visceral in its immersive impact, and bold in its display of state-of-the-art technology. Embracing a hybrid low-tech/high-tech design direction, we used basic materials like plywood and recycled crates that allow artful displays, like a projection-mapped geodesic dome, to take center stage.

Check out Edible Manhattan’s interview with us on how we created the Food Loves Tech experience.


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