As the Jelsomino brand makes its way to the United States from Moscow, the prolific Ginza Group’s concept of luxury karaoke continues to turn run-of-the-mill sing along nights into magnificent role-playing performance experiences. Live bands, back up singers, impeccable service, and a lavish bar meet high-end design, turning your night out into a virtual tour gig and turning a VIP room into a private recording studio. Karaoke makes you sing, but Jelsomino makes you famous. You’ll find the first state-side Jelsomino, under the bustle of 55th street, down a narrow, underground alley. Much of the original rugged envelope of the space was maintained, but contrasted with high gloss finishes and high-tech interactive elements, figuratively setting diamonds in the rough.

Schematically, the space contains three main spaces: the bar room, the VIP box and the main performance space. Cosmetically, the rough envelope of the original space is kept as the backdrop for our tricked-out, tour-worthy stage sets. In the main spaces, the ceilings are stripped and set up with all the rigging necessary to hang lights, speakers and projectors – all the makings of an epic concert. Bold, energetic backdrops change under the direction of the DJ: one minute you’re surrounded by a sexy abstract silhouettes, the next a roaring crowd, both amplifying the energy in the room. Each individual seating area around the performance space has its own interactive component. Spotlights shift in and out, following the current performer from table to table, keeping all eyes on the next karaoke star. This main karaoke room is soft and savvy enough to let a good groove simmer, yet bold and brassy enough to burn the house down. The scene is glam and the visuals are rich. The VIP room is one part Janis Joplin, one part Quincy Jones and feels like a space where platinum hits are born. With soft walls, deep sofas, bohemian carpets and an eclectic assembly of sparkle, the scene is intimate. Private DJs and concierge bartenders complete the experience.


Ginza Project

204 West 55th Street
New York, NY 10019

Art & Graphics