Le District is a celebration of New York City’s dynamic street life. It amplifies the intersection of the city’s neighborhoods in a one-stop food market and dining destination on the Hudson River waterfront in Lower Manhattan.

Divided into Districts, the expanse of French fare travels through 30,000 square feet of market, where culinary-specific stations, cafes, gardens, bars, and restaurants overlap each other, enticing users through a series of dynamic dining experiences. Le District’s visitors are seamlessly transitioned through a global culture of cuisine and commerce reminiscent of Morocco and Montreal, Paris and Provence. Each District is peppered with culinary specific food stations. Open kitchens bring food to the forefront, helping create a theatrical experience.

We designed Le District’s architecture, operational strategy, branding, and lighting through concept, schematic, design development, and construction phases. The final product is the result of an always evolving, hands on approach. From the early stages of the project, ICRAVE and HPH Hospitality Group collaborated to create a market that is not only authentic, but also functional. From the overall layout of the space to the material selection process, we focused on fusing the client’s operational needs while executing a vibrant market reflective of our vision.

Our material selection strategy reflects the design principles crafted for Le District during the conceptual design phase. In order for the design to be simultaneously utilitarian and industrial, the materials selected had to be raw and honest. The backdrop is composed of concrete floor, tiled walls, and exposed ceilings. Each District, though unique, is composed of these same three materials of varying tones and colors. Each station takes on a more expressive identity using slightly more decorative patterned tile, paint, and signage, giving each a unique personality and presence within the market.






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