Made Market


ICRAVE worked with Hilton Worldwide to create a new F&B concept for the DoubleTree Hotel brand. The mission for this project was to create a meaningful and viable restaurant identity through innovative programming, product perfection, thoughtful branding and relevant design.

The idea was to create a home away from home. MADE Market functions more as a kitchen and pantry than a typical restaurant.  By combining a grab-and-go area that feels like a pantry at home, an open counter where customers can make a fresh plate to go, and a dining room that encourages group gathering and informal snacking, we offer a space that works all day for everyone – sort of like home.

The main challenge was to create a space that would work for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So we developed a counter concept that could inconspicuously adapt to the very different cravings of the guest as it transitions after dark.  The lighting system with unique skylight elements provides varying intensity and color temperature settings as the space transitions from bright marketplace to a warm and more intimate evening experience.

It was imperative for the brand identity to communicate the distinctive nature of this multi-faceted venue.  The MADE MARKET identity evokes the notions of hand crafted food, communicates the open and versatile appeal of a market, and introduces an artisan brand esthetic in an uncommon commercial arena.

The first location opened in Tulsa in January 2013, and we’re continuing to roll out the brand in other locations around the US.


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Lighting Design
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