Since its groundbreaking work at JetBlue’s Terminal 5 at JFK in 2007, ICRAVE has transformed terminal design in airports across North America. We recently completed an interior transformation of Delta’s Concourse G at Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport. The program, in partnership with OTG Management, reimagines the airport travel experience through innovative design that incites the same sense of magic as the concept of flight itself. The goal was to minimize traveler anxiety and create a space with improved dining venues, gate hold seating, walkthrough markets, and integrated technology. ICRAVE’s work is at the forefront of enhancing non-aeronautical revenue streams by converting extended wait times into profitable opportunities that directly engage travelers. This was successfully accomplished by placing venues directly in the gate hold area without reducing the previous number of seats; following a marketplace model that brings engagement opportunities into the traveler’s natural pathway; transforming culinary concepts into innovative dining programs that highlight talented regional chefs as a gateway to the city; incorporating technology that facilitates the ordering process, provides travelers additional opportunity for entertainment, and elevates customer service standards; and creating bold design features. Taking cues from the hospitality industry, each ICRAVE-designed venue at MSP was custom crafted to enhance the user experience. Overall, ICRAVE has elevated the traveler experience beginning at the terminal entrance, allowing passengers to release the baggage of being in an airport, or forget they are in one altogether.