The General


Another collaboration with Chef Hung Huynh of Top Chef fame and EMM Group, The General was inspired by urban excavation, peeling back layers of the downtown neighborhood’s culture and history to reveal its roots. The result is a new, chic and energetic aesthetic influenced by the restaurant’s Southeast Asian cuisine.

Pulling the outside in, an eighty-foot façade with retractable glass garage-door panels opens up the Front Café, so the sidewalk seemingly continues clear thru to the custom Pastry Counter.  Café patrons can dine casually or move inside towards the bustling Bar, designed like a classic bar/tabac and clad in deep red enamel, oozing incandescent light throughout the room whether opened up wide or collapsed into a closed position. Moving deeper into the Dining Room, the outside travels subtly inward giving way to raw and then renewed layers as the room progresses and ultimately evolves from front to back.  For a peak into the process, view WWD’s piece on the grand opening.



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