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“Everyone's expected to show up with ideas. I called it ICRAVE because I've always wanted the people involved to feel that they own a part of it.”

-Lionel Ohayon


Our Tribe Vibes

Stay Curious
Know you will never get an A if we’re afraid of getting an F.

Work Hard
Show up every day fully and deliver your very best work. 

Be Nice
Approach each other with respect, optimism, transparency, and trust.

Assume Good
Have good intentions and assume everybody is doing their best.

Say Thanks
Acknowledge each other’s effort and express gratitude often.


In and out of the studio,
this is the ICRAVE life. 

Our studio is our home. Our open layout supports our day-to-day work, and our breakout spaces encourages collaboration. Our recurrent events, outings, and retreats are designed to  foster a vibrant work culture that is diverse, lively, and inspiring. 




ICRAVE’s creative event series aims to spark curiosity around a variety of themes that inspire and motivate our work.  Imprimatur seeks to foster dialogue, highlight innovation across disciplines, and showcase our curatorial mission. 


In the Studio 

As our second home, our studio was designed to encourage collaborative work, inspiring play, and everything in between.  The space transforms itself daily to support each designer’s curiosities, whether that is designing a dress out of wallpaper coverings for Product Runway, hosting large scale dinner parties with collaborators across fields, or inviting our friends to a Drag Queen Bingo. This is a place where everybody’s creativity is always welcomed and participation always expected.



Out Of The Office

When we are not working hard, we are roaming around the city visiting showrooms, touring galleries, and checking out new neighborhood spots.  Together, we’ve taken flower arranging classes, gone on exotic food tours, and visited other creative studios doing innovative work.  Every year, we bond as a team at our Upstate New York retreat where we detach from our daily life and re-connect a group of creatives.


Burning Man 

We draw a lot of inspiration from Burning Man, an Art and Music festival that takes place in the Black Rock City, Nevada every year. We encourage all team members that want to participate and join us for a week full of art, music, and community.

Click here to read about how Burning Man inspired our project LoMa Lights




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